spontaneous is always best – lifestyle photography Augsburg/Germany

Yesterday I saw the sun coming out at 5:30pm and decided to go on a spontaneous bike ride with my 2 littles. It was actually time to have dinner and get ready for bed (especially bc school started here in Germany today), but sometimes you just HAVE to do life in a different way –  SO we drove out of the city to the fields and my son asked if he could pick flowers for me.

Of course I said yes (who can say no to flowers) –  and just look what happened – such yummie light and so much fun.

This is a very long post – I just couldn’t decide which not to share – so have a cup of your favorite beverage and enjoy! Hope you like them as much as I do!

IMG_0205 copyIMG_0235 copy IMG_0236 copy IMG_0219 copy  IMG_0198 copyb IMG_0241 copy IMG_0248 copy IMG_0252 copy IMG_0265 copy IMG_0270 copy IMG_0288 copy IMG_0293 copy IMG_0297 copyb IMG_0315 copy IMG_0319 copy IMG_0324 copy IMG_0338 copy IMG_0344 copy IMG_0348 copy IMG_0376 copy IMG_0382 copy IMG_0425 copy IMG_0408 copy IMG_0428 copy IMG_0429 copy

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