30 minutes in the life – Blog Circle – Volume 3

If you are coming through the circle you have already seen the amazing work of Colleen Putman Photography | NYC, if not make sure to check her out here.

10987481_904009592995018_8577516584616118679_nWe have a new logo – I love it!

Another month is over and I am so so happy, bc it means that we are getting closer to spring. During these 30 minutes of fun and cuddling with her favorite bunny I was dreaming of easter, blossoms, warmth and flowers all over. I am really looking forward to the next season – winter has been too long now 🙂

I hope those pictures inspire you as well and make you dream a little. Enjoy!

You can either look at the gallery-mosaic or click on the first picture and look at them in large version.


The next person is the very talented Mary Slone photography | Memphis. To see her Blog click here.

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17 Kommentare Gib deinen ab

  1. these are precious!! to be treasured for sure!

    1. soniaepple sagt:

      Thank you so much Allison!

    1. soniaepple sagt:

      Thank you so much Karen!

  2. Julia Cooke sagt:

    She is delicious!! Beautiful photography 🙂

    1. soniaepple sagt:

      Thank you so much Julia – I loved you pics so so much as well!

  3. colleenphoto sagt:

    so so sweet!! love all of them 🙂

  4. colleenphoto sagt:

    these are so so sweet!! love all of them 🙂

  5. Tammy Nicole Photography sagt:

    These are beautiful! Love the creamy and soft tones… And she has such a cheeky face! Love it

    1. soniaepple sagt:

      Thank u Tammy, she IS one cheeky girl 🙂

  6. I love the all!! Just beautiful!!

  7. charkitch sagt:

    Gorgeous set of images! Love the tones and the whole feel of these – timeless!

  8. mary sagt:

    these are so precious!! i adore that bunny!!!

  9. Sonia these are just spectacular. So so lovely.

  10. These are beautiful. I love the tones, and the emotion. Gorgeous.

  11. sharstuart sagt:

    I love all your images, Your little girl is so sweet. I love the very first image and the one towards the end where she is laughing. Just beautiful all of them.

  12. meagan33 sagt:

    My favorite of all your images EVER!!! These are all amazing!! So much emotion and childhood captured here!

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