Lightbox Stories – Blog-Circle – Volume 2

If you are coming through the circle you have already seen the amazing work of Amy from Sticky Mango Photos, if not make sure to check her out here10911507_10152439219335566_5417401306255591344_o

Another month is over and we are finally moving towards spring. I can’t tell how much I am looking forward to better weather. Low light in images can be great, but I can’t wait to have more light to play with again.


I have many favorites from this month. I will start out with this one from my oldest. I love reflected light and I was so happy to have some sun again that reflected from the floor onto the wall. My son started playing and I was absolutely captured by the beauty of this moment.

20150203_7555 copy

Another Favorite is this one my my little bunny at the frozen lake. I like the play of cold and warm colors here. The textures of the lake and her gazing at her brothers.

20150206_7815 copy Kopie

This one makes me dream of spring – it’s a timeless shot that I will cherish forever.

20150219_8775b copy

What I love about this colorful image is the different, textures, colors, light and the different stories it tells all at the same time.

20150220_9504 copy

Freelesing is one of my favorite techniques and I adore it. This is just one image of this series I took on a day out in Munich. I can absolutely get lost in these.

20150227_0003 copy Kopie


Now enjoy the overview of my work from this month. Lot’s and lot’s of favorites.

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4 Kommentare Gib deinen ab

  1. annatom2002 sagt:

    Love your style! These images capture a life well lived and loved:-)

  2. These are amazing photos. I especially like the photo of your daughter on the frozen lake.

    1. soniaepple sagt:

      Thank you very very much!

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