Life {Unscripted} Volume 7

If you are coming through the circle you have already met the wonderful and absolutely talented AnnMarie from One33 Photography. Otherwise make sure to go back or all the way through the circle. To see her Blog post click here.


Spring is on its way and I want to share a few playground pictures. It was such a relief to actually be able to go outside again!

“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.“
― Anne Bradstreet, The Works of Anne Bradstreet


I hope to see you throughout the month on our Facebook Fan Page as well.

You can either look at the gallery-mosaic or click on the first picture and look at them in large version.

And don’t forget to follow the circle around. The next one in the circle is the lovely and very talented Chrissy Ray from Chrissy Ray Photography. To see her Blog post click here.

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18 Kommentare Gib deinen ab

  1. Chrissy sagt:

    Beautiful as always. Your sense of color and softness and light is simply gorgeous!

    1. soniaepple sagt:

      Thank you very very much Chrissy! Your encouragement means so much to me!!

  2. Kristin sagt:

    Your processing and how you capture light never ceases to amaze me – really beautiful!

    1. soniaepple sagt:

      Thank you so so much Kristin – I adore your use of light as well!

  3. Crystal sagt:

    I am not sure how excited you are for spring!!! But one thing I am excited about for spring is seeing more of your gorgeous rich colours!!! You amaze me every time lady!

    1. soniaepple sagt:

      yay – yay – yay for spring, summer, autumn and all the nice light!!!! Love you!!

  4. Stacey Muniz sagt:

    Your kiddos are so cute! Love your use of light…. always ❤ … great work Sonia! xoxox

    1. soniaepple sagt:

      Thank you so so much Stacey!

  5. AnnMarie sagt:

    ahhhh I always look forward to your month! I just adore the rich colours in your work! Your kiddos are so sweet and your freelensing is the bomb!!! love you girl!

    1. soniaepple sagt:

      Same here – I always wait curiously to see your pics – love u too!!!

  6. Elise sagt:

    you always blow me away. love how these are all put together. you’re so amazing with your colors, rich and authentic. i love it too much.

    1. soniaepple sagt:

      Oh my – what to say – thank you thank you thank you – your sweet words mean so much to me

  7. Tiffany sagt:

    I love taking your work in! It just calls for getting coffee, sitting, and enjoying! Beautiful work, friend!

    1. soniaepple sagt:

      Thanks Tiffany! Yes for coffee 🙂

  8. Natalie sagt:

    Wow!! Sonia, your work is always so original and out of this world gorgeous!! You never cease to amaze me girl!! xo

    1. soniaepple sagt:

      awwww – you make me blush – thank you so so much!

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