Lightbox Stories – Blog-Circle – Volume 6

10911507_10152439219335566_5417401306255591344_oIf you are coming through the circle you have already seen the amazing work of Rachel, if not make sure to go through the circle and have a look at her work. You shouldn’t miss out on her work.

June – half a year has past so fast… I am enjoying the 365 so far, it’s wonderful to look back at all we have experienced and also to see the kids growing (especially Mariannes hair 🙂 ) I’ve been really really busy thats why I also missed out last month. I have my pictures of may finally blogged as well now. Can’t wait for the move end of this month and all the new light exploring from August… exiting things to come!

Here are a few favorites.

I love all the childhood that is included in this picture…

IMG_5571 copy

Of course a family picture is special to me – all of my loves with me in one pic…

IMG_6024 copy

this is our everyday – my3 and their 4 cousins hanging out – I love it (and this ilc was taken on my bday)

20150605_0232 copy

I love the calmness of this image – the morning light in the attic was magical

20150630_3626 copy

I love that I took the time to go for a walk on my own in the evening after the kids were in bed – something I should really do more often. I found this beautiful setting just near our home and I was so happy that I took time to wonder around and discover beautiful spots just were our everyday happens (we never see that kind of beauty when we pass every day – we need to take time) Taking time is a big theme for me!

20150623_2008 copy

And here my month in pictures:

Make sure you follow the circle along to get a little insight into the lives of many other talented photographers. The next person in the circle is my sweet friend Amy. To see her Blog click here. To see our main Blog and know more about us click here. You can also follow us on Facebook.

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