30 minutes in the life – Blog Circle


Another month – another 30 minutes. This was a spontaneous late afternoon walk and photo-shoot with my niece, daughter and hubby in downtown Augsburg/Bavaria.

I was asked to take some pictures for the title of a Magazine with girls in town – so we headed out for a little fun time. The girls loved it – they are best best cousins and friends and I am sure that one day they will treasure those pictures. It was fun to let them play and just join them in their fun.

You can either look at the gallery-mosaic or click on the first picture and look at them in large version.

The next person is the very, very talented and Julia Forsman from A Rock and a Soft Place in Istanbul

– I adore her work and it is amazing again this month. You should def check out her post here.

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  1. sharstuart sagt:

    What great images – I loved seeing downtown Augsburg/Bavaria. It is very pretty and I love the history in its look. I love the discoloration on the fountains and the big doors. My favorite images however are the cropped one where the pink tights stand out. They immediately capture my attention. Lovely images this month.

  2. colleenphoto sagt:

    Oh my! That photo of your daughter/niece (?) holding the door knocker is amazing! The pink tights really pop against the background and she looks so tiny in comparison!!! Really fun to see the downtown area — it’s gorgeous 🙂

  3. Karen Hunt sagt:

    These are great! I love getting to see your part of the world. Great post!

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