30 minutes in the life – July 2016



Today I would like to share our mornings with you. I really like getting up before all the others do. I just enjoy spending a moment in time for myself and then be ready for them to slowly drip into the kitchen. Normally that happens when I start making my coffee.

On this morning my little princess who fell asleep in her „butterfly-wings-dress“ (as she calls it) came in first. Then my middle boy (wearing very little as he is always always too hot, even in winter). I added an image of my oldest who wasn’t there this morning, but I just wanted him to be in the collection (he is normally always the lastest). And then my girl getting ready for kindergarden. I just love our routines that makes our family „US“.

You can either look at the gallery-mosaic or click on the first picture and look at them in large version.



The next person is Sharleen N Stuart Photography / South Florida Photographer – You should def check out her post here.


5 Gedanken zu “30 minutes in the life – July 2016

  1. Your home is so beautiful, I love the colors and the light. And the way you capture your children in their family home will be a gift for them when they are older.

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