Life {Unscripted} Blog Circle – Volume 1

If you are coming through the circle you have already met Meagan Dweyer. If not be sure to check her out.


I am really honored and happy to be part of this new Blog-Circle and awesome group of photographers that share the same passion. For me true, real and authentic moments are the most important ones – the ones that need to be captured and treasured for the future. Especially in family-photography there is a need of true values. Thats why I do lifestyle photography and I am so happy to be able to share some {unscripted} moments with you today. This first post is about a spontaneous evening bike ride with two of my kids. We had a great time picking flowers as you can see in another post of mine and then ended up at a local playground. My kids enjoyed it so much and these pics warm my heart. They will be treasured forever.

This is our : Life {Unscripted} – enjoy! IMG_0478 copy IMG_0463 copy IMG_0511 copy IMG_0528 copy IMG_0547 copy IMG_0548 copy IMG_0479 copy IMG_0572 copy IMG_0573 copy IMG_0576 copy IMG_0568 copy IMG_0577 copy

All these other ladies are so talented and I hope you go and check out all of the circle. Its really worth it. Just follow the links on top and at the bottom of this post. Have a great day! Make sure you check out the next awesome photographer in the circle: Chrissy Ray You’ll enjoy it – she is fabulous! Make sure you check out our Facebook-site as well.

8 Kommentare Gib deinen ab

  1. Your images are so rich and full of life. Love them!

    1. soniaepple sagt:

      Thank you so much!

  2. The colours, the details the light – what’s not to love! Perfection.

    1. soniaepple sagt:

      Thank you so so so much Kristin!

  3. Chrissy ray sagt:

    Beautiful. And that color! WOW. You certainly have an eye for AMAZING color!! Can hardly wait until next months blog!

    1. soniaepple sagt:

      Thank you!!! I am also really looking forward to all of your Blogs next month.

  4. natalie sagt:

    I’m in awe of your style!! Love this series so much and all of the work you do!!!

    1. soniaepple sagt:

      So nice of you – I can’t wait for next month!!

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