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Another month – another 30 minutes.

My best friend had her 4th child. I was only snapping a bit during a short 30mins visit, but I love those images so much. Pure Lifestyle and just who they are. I love when u happen to capture real emotions. She is such a little beauty, only a few hours old and so perfect.

You can either look at the gallery-mosaic or click on the first picture and look at them in large version.

Please check out the next Blog in the circle. It is from the amazingly talented Angie Marie from Pensacola Beach / Florida. She is an incredibly good Lifestyle Photographer and the best Still-Life Phtotographer I know!

I adore her work and it is amazing again this month. You should def check out her post here.

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10 Kommentare Gib deinen ab

  1. oh so squishy. These are beautiful

    1. soniaepple sagt:

      Thank u

  2. colleenphoto sagt:

    oh my goodness, that baby is just precious! love the photos, and i’m sure they will, too!!

    1. soniaepple sagt:

      Thank u very much – i cant wait to See her grow!!!

  3. Angie sagt:

    I love your work Sonia, these are so sweet! <3

    1. soniaepple sagt:

      Thank u very much – i Love your work as well

  4. Joni sagt:

    Oh so sweet!! What beautiful shots of a gorgeous baby.

  5. sharstuart sagt:

    What beautiful image Sonia. The baby is so precious. I love how you captured her. I love the color image with her mouth open.

  6. Sophie James sagt:

    These are absolutely stunning! Such a beautiful baby and perfect lifestyle shots <3 xxx

    1. soniaepple sagt:

      Thank u so so much Sophie

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