Life Unscripted – February 2016


This month I decided to document one day in our life again – it is amazing to see all that happens in one day, I really liked challenging myself to actually see the little details that happen all around me all the time.

I hope to see you throughout the month on our Facebook Fan Page as well.

You can either look at the gallery-mosaic or click on the first picture and look at them in large version.

And don’t forget to follow the circle around. The next one in the circle is the lovely and very talented Chrissy. To see her Blog post click here. Her pictures are wonderful!


6 Kommentare Gib deinen ab

  1. Crystal sagt:

    I LOVE seeing the way you capture your everyday lady. Just makes me want to jump on a plane that much faster. 🙂

    1. soniaepple sagt:

      yes!!! Can’t wait to have you here – and thank you so so much lovely lady

  2. Chrissy sagt:

    I love day in the life and these are so beautiful! This set is so cohesive with the lovely browns and pops of green and how cute are your kids? LOVE!

    1. soniaepple sagt:

      Awww thank you so much

  3. Elise sagt:

    JUST ADORABLE!!!! these are so beautiful and you always have the most flawless editing<3

    1. soniaepple sagt:

      thank you so much Elise

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