30 min in the life – November


I take part in a personal project every month where we document 30 mins of our life. This month I decided to document another part of a typical morning in our home. When I want to get dressed I always put the smallest one in his crib and his sister plays with him. They are just super cute together. And I loved how my girl M studied that little music box and how it works.

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  1. Liz Godfrey sagt:

    What a sweet moment to capture, Sonia! My favorite thing about these images is the beautiful connection between sister and brother.

  2. colleenphoto sagt:

    So lovely, Sonia! The light was soft and gorgeous; love that you captured this special moment between the two little ones!

  3. sarahtkeene sagt:

    Love this collection of images, especially the music box ones!

  4. sharstuart sagt:

    These are so beautiful. I love how you capture the everyday moments with your children. They are so beautiful.

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