30 minutes in the life – may 2018


I take part in a personal project every month where we document 30 mins of our life. This month I am sharing wax more then 30 minutes, as we were on holidays.

There is so much to share and I feel like I wanna show you so much, because I want to let everyone know the value of documenting the tiny little moments that make our life meaningful. All those fleeting moments are what forms our memories, the childhood of our children and our life as a family. When I come back from a holiday and dive into the everyday I often wonder if the holidays really happened or if it all was only the dream. Going through the pictures and editing them helps me re-live the time and really arrive in the here and now. My soul travels back and forth and I get a sense of peace. My children always can’t wait to see the slideshow and later have a photo-book in hands.

If you want little memories like these captured please contact me through the contact-form. It can be on holidays or in your daily life – there are so many things we want to treasure.

Click on the link to start the slideshow with music!


To follow the circle around the world click here to get the wonderful images of Sharleen Stuart Photography.

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