30 minutes in the life July 2018


I take part in a personal project every month where we document 30 mins of our life.

This month I am sharing 30 minutes, of our first afternoon of summer vacation!!!  6 weeks of: „no getting up in the early morning, no homework, no school, no getting them into bed early enough…“. So good to have some freedom for a while.

I am gonna have tons of photoshoots and weddings while all the kids are home. That means I might be bad at updating my website, but I will try my best and I hope you all will be patient with me. I promise that I will catch up (the latest in the slower winter months).

But for now – enjoy a summer afternoon with lot’s of water in our garden.


And don’t forget to follow this Blog circle along to Sarah Keene a wonderful photographer and friend.

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  1. sharstuart sagt:

    Sonia these are gorgeous and I love the water drop images. They are amazing. I hope you have a wonderful summer off.

  2. sarahtkeene sagt:

    These are wonderful, Sonia! Enjoy your summer!!!! My favorites are the hair image at the top and your son playing in the water. 🙂

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