Free 52 – Sommer 2019

Freelensing is taking off the lens from the camera body while taking a picture to create an artsy effect. That’s what our group Free 52 loves to do. We teamed up to do a blog circle and show our more artsy pictures to the world.

I think freelensing is perfect for summer holiday pictures. It adds a dreamy effect to a dreamy almost unreal time. It also was the last summer for this girl before heading into school life and I focused a bit on her and the transition period. She has made a big step into being more independent and it was a pleasure to watch. At the same time her smallest brother had to adjust to being at home alone with me again. We spend a lot of time at the local playgrounds and parks (as you can see).

Please follow the circle along to see all the wonderful, amazing work of the other ladies. I promise you – it’s just WOW. The next person in the circle is Renee Barth Photography – her work is absolutely breathtaking! You should totally klick on her name and follow the link.

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  1. dianahagues sagt:

    I love the shadows and light in your images. They always take me right to your moments as if I am there and so special to have these photographs capturing this transition in your children’s lives.

    1. soniaepplefotografie sagt:

      Thank you so much!!! It means so much. I always love seeing your work as well.

  2. beautiful captures of your summer Sonia, love your work!

    1. soniaepplefotografie sagt:

      Thank you so so much – I feel the same about your work.

  3. I just love all your work So Nia! those tones and sunset pics have me all wide eyed over here. Love!

    1. soniaepplefotografie sagt:

      AWWWWWW Thank you!! I adore your work too.

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