30 minutes in the life – December


I take part in a personal project every month where we document 30 mins of our life. This month we decided to do a festive five. Here a few images of our youngest in front of our freshly set up tree. He was totally amazed by all the lights and the ornaments.

This time of the year makes me so thankful. I like that it gets cold and dark – sounds weird at first, but I found that this season makes home so much more cozy. We love to have candles lit and fairy lights all over the place. It is the time of the year where family and quality time get so much more important. I wish you lot’s of wonderful HYGGE moments as well. (If you don’t know that word yet look it up – its a danish word and wonderful concept of life)!!

Please follow the Blog Circle along to Hayley of Hayley Hay Photography – she is an amazing photographer who lives in Switzerland and her pictures are ALWAYS amazing!!!

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