Free 52 – February 2019

Free 52

Freelensing is taking off the lens from the camera body while taking a picture to create an artsy effect. That’s what our group Free 52 loves to do. We teamed up to do a blog circle and show our more artsy pictures to the world. Enjoy and follow the circle along – it’s so so so worth it.



Please follow the circle along to the wonderful and so so giften Diana of Diana Hagues Photography.

4 Kommentare Gib deinen ab

  1. April Christopher sagt:

    These are so dreamy, I just adore each and every one! <3

    1. soniaepplefotografie sagt:

      Thank you so so much

  2. Diana sagt:

    There’s something about freelensing in the snow that adds to the magic of these wintry scenes. So beautiful and love your tones too.

    1. soniaepplefotografie sagt:

      Oh that’s true – thank you so so much

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