30 minutes in the life – february


I take part in a personal project every month where we document 30 mins of our life. I find it so very important, because it makes me see the little details that make our normal life. Life is passing so fast and I know that one day I will be missing those little details – therefore I am very glad that I have a camera and that I can document these moments that are so meaningful to me.

Our youngest son had the flu and I was so so glad that the sun came out and we managed to spend so much time outside in the forest. He is now finally on the mend – this makes a mamas heart so happy.

Enjoy the circle and hop over to the wonderful Caroline Liabot in France.

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  1. Sonia: These are fabulous! I love the editing and that little pop of yellow on your son. Beautiful!

    1. soniaepplefotografie sagt:

      thank you so much

  2. Liz Godfrey sagt:

    You captured your day out so beautifully! Hopefully, your son is on the mend now too – I’m afraid we currently have flu in our household. Absolutely love the light in all your images too.

    1. soniaepplefotografie sagt:

      Thank you so much and all the best for your family. Hope you are all better!

  3. Beautiful tones and gorgeous use of light, Sonia!

    1. soniaepplefotografie sagt:

      Thank you so so much

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