30 minutes in the life – march



I take part in a personal project every month where we document 30 mins of our life. I find it so very important, because it makes me see the little details that make our normal life. Life is passing so fast and I know that one day I will be missing those little details – therefore I am very glad that I have a camera and that I can document these moments that are so meaningful to me.

This month I decided to document an ordinary afternoon in our garden. We were so glad for some spring like weather and enjoyed every second outside. Most of the images are freelensed. I decided to freelensed a lot in my personal work this month, because it adds a creative dreamy feel to the images and I am yearning for more creativity and light after a long dark moody winter.

Enjoy the circle and hop over to the wonderful Janet of Janet Crouch Photography.

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  1. sharstuart sagt:

    These are great Sonia. I love that you chose to freelens. I have the phobia about something going in my camera if I freelens. It happened to me while I was changing a lens once that an insect flew into the lens casing. I went to take a picture and I could see it walking across my view finder. It makes me scared to try and freelens. But I love the images you have captured here

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