Free 22 – march 2019

Freelensing is taking off the lens from the camera body while taking a picture to create an artsy effect. That’s what our group Free 52 loves to do. We teamed up to do a blog circle and show our more artsy pictures to the world.

This month I decided to try to take a freelensed picture (or more) every day. These are my pictures so far and I love how artsy freelensed pictures look. I can’t wait for the second half of the month.

Please follow the circle along to see all the wonderful, amazing work of the other ladies. I promise you – it’s just WOW. The next person in the circle is Emma Collins – her work is absolutely breathtaking!

Day 1

finally some spring like weather


Day 2

shadows and light and connection have my heart


Day 3

We love spending time at the gym – the best thing on cold days


Day 4

she never ever wants to cut her hair… what shell I do…


Day 5

Waking him up from his naps is so hard – he doesn’t take them very often anymore, therefore I cherish each one, but at some point he has to wake up again – poor little one!


Day 6

The day he learned that half a liter of milk don’t fit into one bowl (because I was busy trying to freelense my cookies and candle, while he had breakfast)


Day 7



Day 8



Day 9

dark day and some piano fun with his older brother


Day 10

red beet salad sauce in my dish washer – yes I remembered to freelense a picture after dinner…


Day 11

laundry day – the way down to the basement


Day 12

my second one loves to upcycle things – here he is building a sweets-mashine


Day 13

back to rain days


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  1. Emma Collins sagt:

    Beautiful beautiful storytelling … I particularly love spilled milk and the story behind it – especially that drip falling from the table!

  2. April Christopher sagt:

    Absolutely GORGEOUS work Sonia! Your photos truly tell a story, I cannot wait to see more. Those gym shots + all the lights and shadows just had me swooning!

    1. soniaepplefotografie sagt:

      awwww thank you so so so much

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